Kristina Cranfeld

Ownership of the Face 29.5.2019-29.5.2023 MAK Vienna Biennale for Change, Vienna
Artist Talk 09.05.2019 Loughborough University, London
Manufactured Britishness 17.04-12.05.2019 International Videoart Festival, Moscow
Artist Talk 05.03.2019 London Metropolitan University, London
Artist Talk 17.01.2019 Leeds Art University, Leeds
Manufactured Britishness and Dukes Rise 22.05-28.05.2018 Art Week Exeter, Exeter
British Enough 04.07-08.07.2017 Immersive theatre performance Birmingham REP, Birmingham
Manufactured Britishness and Dukes Rise 04.07-08.07.2017 Be Festival Birmingham REP, Birmingham
Manufactured Britishness 13.06-18.06.2017 Breakthrough The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh
Manufactured Britishness 16.04.2017 Glasgow Film Festival, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow
Dailies to Dawn 10.02.2017 Analogica Ata, San Francisco
Artist Talk, 09.03.2017 Loughborough University, London
In this Perfect British Landscape solo show 16.02-09.04.2017 ORT Gallery, Burmingham
Artist Talk 15.12.2016 AMINI, Belfast
Dailies to Dawn 24-27.11.2016 Analogica Film Festival, Bolzano
Manufactured Britishness 2nd prize 26.09.2016 Bideodromo Film Festival, Bilbao
Manufactured Britishness 09.09-23.09.2016 3rd Bideodromo Film Festival, Bilbao
Dukes Rise 08.07.2016 The Bomb Factory Artist Film Festival, London
Dailies to Dawn 26.06.2016 East End Film Festival Stratford Picture House, London
Manufactured Britishness 11.06.2016 Nottingham Film Festival Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham
Artist Talk, 02.02.2016 Loughborough University, London
Dailies to Dawn 16.01.2016 ICA Award for Best Experimental Film ICA, London
Dailies to Dawn 21.01-25.01.2016 9th British Shorts Film Fesival Sputnik Kino, Berlin
Dailies to Dawn 08.01-17.01.2016 London Short Film Festival ICA, London
Dailies to Dawn 16.01.2016 London Short Film Festival Hackney Picture House, London
Dailies to Dawn 25.11-29.11.2015 Pori Film Festival Culturehouse, Pori
Manufactured Britishness 11.12.2015 Edinburgh Artists’ Moving Image Festival Filmhouse Cinema, Edinburgh
Dailies to Dawn 28.11-29.11.2015 Brighton Film Festival Picturehouse Brighton, Brighton
Manufactured Britishness 22.09-1.10.2015 Black Cube Gayfield Creative Space, Edinburgh
Manufactured Britishness 31.07.2015 Summer Cinema Surface Gallery, Nottingham
Manufactured Britishness 21.05.2015 Brighton Fringe Festival, Brighton
Artist Talk, 13.05.2015 Royal College of Art, London
Manufactured Britishness 12.05.2015 Uplink, Tokyo
Manufactured Britishness 01.05-03.05.2015 Brave New World, Shillong
Manufactured Bristishness 05.05.2015 Schusev Museum of Architecture, Moscow
Artist Talk 05.05.2015 University of Brighton, Brighton
Manufactured Bristishness 08.11.2014 Alienated Identities Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles
Ownership of the Face 01.11-14.12.2014 Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul
Manufactured Britishness 21.10.2014 Trispace Gallery, London
Panelist speaker 20.09.2014 Berwick Film Festival, Berwick
Manufactured Britishness 17.09-21.09.2014 Berwick Film Festival, Berwick
Artist talk 15.09.2014 Bristol Biennial, Bristol
Manufactured Britishness 12.09-21.09.2014 Bristol Biennial, Bristol
Manufactured Britishness 04.09.2014 Institut Fur Alles Mogliche, Berlin
Manufactured Britishness 14.08-18.08.2014The 72nd World Science Fiction Convention ExCel, London
Manufactured Britishness 23.06.2014 Jewish Community Centre, London
Manufactured Britishness 25.05.2014 Roundhouse, London
Detention Grounds 24.05-14.06.2014 Vermont College of Fine Arts, Vermont
Panelist speaker 08.05.2014Open Borders - Who Profits Liverpool Salon, Liverpool
Conference speaker 17.04.2014 Cardiff University, Cardiff
Manufactured Britishness 07.03.2014 The Assembly Rooms, Lancaster
Manufactured Britishness 04.03.2014 Iowa Public Library, Iowa
Manufactured Britishness 02.03.2014 Ted x Warwick Warwick Arts Centre Warwick
Conference speaker 02.03.2014 TedxWarwick, Warwick
Manufactured Britishness 30.01.2014The Cost of Living, Toynbee Hall, London
Ownership of The Face installation 12.12-31.12.2013 Object Abuse Spinach, London
Manufactured Britishness 19.09-22.09.2013 Peckham Moving Image Film Festival The Monpelier, London
Manufactured Britishness 15.09.2013 27th Uzbek FilmFestival Tashkent
Workshop 02.09-03.09.2013 How to Generate Ideas Granart Gallery, Tashkent
Artist Residency 10.07-06.09.2013 Tashkent
Ownership of The Face 14.03-03.06.2013 Demain C’Est Aujourd’ Hui Saint-Etienne Biennale, Saint-Etienne
The Future of Mechanical Turk 14.03-03.06.2013Je Vous Design Saint-Etienne Biennale, Saint Etienne
Pecha Kucha 24.02.2012 Microsoft Intel Royal College of Art, London
Pecha Kucha 08.02.2012 UCLA, Los Angeles
Ownership of The Face 28.09-06.10.2012 Vienna Design Week, Vienna
Requiem For Varna 01-03.09.2012 Art Gallery Varna, Varna
Art Residency 20.08-02.09.2012 Art Gallery Varna, Varna
Detention Grounds 23.08.2012 Whitley Bay Film Festival The Trojan Rooms, Whitley Bay
Detention Grounds 06-31.08.2012 Virulent Experience Conway Hall, London
Workshop 22.07.2012Post + Takeover Design Museum, London
RCA Shorts 01.06.2012 Royal College of Art, London
Workshop 06-09.07.2011 Business Design Centre, London
Latitude Festival video installation 14-17.07.2011 Jotta & Fallon films, Suffolk
Ownership of The Face 15-21.08.2011 Experimental Film Night The New Gallery, London